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Chocolate Fountain



The fountain creates a cascade of sweetness that will add mouthwatering fun to any gathering. You can use a variety of foods, chocolates or sauces with your chocolate fondue fountain to create the flavor you desire to serve friends and family delicious snacks, appetizers.


material: food-grade PC + electronic components
dimension(L x W x H): 5.7’’ x 5.7’’ x 8.2’’

Important Notes:
✔ This Chocolate Fountain can’t melt solid chocolate itself. You should melt it first, then pour into chocolate fountain melting machine and it keeps chocolate melted after that.
✔ Cream,milk or vegetable oil can be added during heating, but do not add water.
✔ If it can work normally to form a fountain effect, the heating key can be suspended.
✔ Every 2-3 hours, the chocolate fountain needs to be shut down for heat dissipation.

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