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Newton 3-v money counter machine



Product Description:
4.3″ 1500 Bills/min Touch Display 2-Pocket Currency Fitness Sorter With Advanced Detection Technology

Touch the icon on the screen or press the button on the side of each icon to select a menu.
Do not use sharp objects such as a pen for touching the icons on the screen
provides complete authentication of your currency as well as high-level fitness sorting
There are 2 levels of Fitness: ATM and Fit. ATM is the more sensitive scanning of the bills, to get only the best quality bills. Fit allows more bills to be processed for everyday use
The Newton-3F will also perform all the other main bill-handling functions. It will process a stack of mixed bills and give you a total dollar amount and the total number of bills, and you can see a breakdown of the contents by denomination
Full-color CIS imaging
Counts and identifies all US Currency
Facing and Orientation of bills
Precise counterfeit detection
Adjustable Batch Counts
Serial Number Reading (OCR)
Output pockets: 1 Stacker + 1 Reject
Hopper Capacity: 600 notes
Stacker Capacity: up to 200 notes
Reject Capacity: up to 100 notes
Normal Count: up to 1500 notes/minute
Value Count: up to 1200 notes/minute
Fitness Speed: up to 1200 notes/minute
Serial Number Speed: up to 1200 notes/minute
Counterfeit Sensors: Dual CIS, UV, MG, IR, US
Serial Port: LAN & USB
Operating System: Linux
Screen: 4.3″ Touch Display (480 x 272 Pixels)
Size: (312 x 340 x 340)mm
Weight: 28.66 lbs (13kg)

Package Includes:
1 x Money Counter
1 x Power Cable
1 x Clean Brush
1 x Manual


# of Pockets: 1+1
Hopper Capacity: 600
Stacker Capacity: 200
Reject: 100
Normal Count: 1500 (at free count mode)
Value Count: 1200
S/N Speed: 1200
Dimension(W/H/D): 312X340X340mm
Weight : 13kg
Functions: Multi Curr. Auto/Mix(20)
S/N(OCR) | Forex
S/N Reading: O
Currency: Upto 48
Sensor: DualCIS | UV | MG(18ch) | IR | US(4ch)
Connectivity/Interface :
– Serial Port
OS: Linux
Screen: 4.3″ Touch Display (480 x 272 Pixels)
Options & Special Features:
-Full Color Image process
-Heavy Duty Processing
-Check & Voucher & TITO Scan
-Network Solution (KBMS)

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