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SOKANY Crepe Maker 650W



SOKANY Crepe Maker 650W / SK-5208 / KC-52

SOKANY Crepe Maker 650W / SK-5208 / KC-52

• MAKE CREPES IN SECONDS: Making crepes has never easy, but with SOKANY electric griddle crepe maker they can be made within seconds. It has a pan style design complete with a long handle for easy cooking

• NONSTICK COATING: A hot plate griddle that offers hassle free-operation since it has a nonstick coating. The food cooked on it will not stick or leave residues. Great for cooking at a fast pace, especially for daily hectic schedules
• PLUG-IN OPERATION: This cooktop is user-friendly and can be used by anyone, even those without cooking experience. The pan has an attached cord for a simple plug-in operation. Also comes with an ON/OFF switch on the handle
• AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL: A multi-cooker with a flat surface that can cook various dishes since it has automatic temperature control. It can cook pancakes, waffles and so on
• PERFECT FOR ANY KITCHEN: Designed with a black coating for that classic and stylish look that will go nicely with any countertop, tabletop or kitchen. The material is die cast aluminum for an unmatched durability and resistant.
Panel Diameter : 20 CM
Power : 650W
Color: Black
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